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A New Era for Health in America

Health is a human right, and Pete’s plans are ambitious and enduring commitments to that basic truth.

Getting health care in America is too expensive, too complicated, and too frustrating. Our system leaves us feeling powerless and taken advantage of.

We’re at this moment of crisis because of a failure of leadership. For years, Washington politicians have allowed the pharmaceutical industry, giant insurance companies, and powerful hospital systems to profit off of people when they are at their sickest and most vulnerable. We don’t have time to wait for the same Washington politicians to act.

It’s time for a new era of leadership. Pete knows that addressing this national challenge will require a multifaceted approach that isn't anchored by the ideological arguments Washington has been having for decades, but is instead rooted in helping people.

Centered on his Medicare for All Who Want It plan, Pete's approach will achieve universal coverage and put Americans back in charge of their health by making care more affordable and giving Americans real choice. Pete's vision will build on this with additional plans to lower the cost of prescription drugs, increase equity, protect and expand access to health care for women, drive innovation, and address many other aspects of care.