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Travel to an early state to knock doors!

We’re knocking the doors of undecided voters in New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina and having important conversations about Pete. And we’re asking you to hit the road and join us. No matter where you’re coming from or your level of experience, we will find the right opportunity for you. This is one of the most important ways you can get involved. These conversations work.


Short-term Volunteering (Less than 5 days)

For those planning on less than five days of consecutive volunteering, please sign up to canvass where your help would make the biggest difference using the links below.

Long-term Volunteering (5 or more days)

If you are volunteering for five days or more (exclude time traveling and days after a state’s contest) please sign up using the Extended Volunteer Form

A member of Pete’s Organizing team will reach out to help place you in your desired state.

Group Volunteers

If you are leading a group of more than five people, please use one of these forms:

A member of our Organizing team will reach out to help place you in your desired state.

Volunteering with Mobility Impairments or Disabilities

If you are able to join us in an early state but have mobility impairments or other disabilities or health conditions that make it hard for you to knock doors, please sign up and make a note of that for us! We’d love your help planning and organizing door knocking operations, calling voters, and other important tasks that might be a better fit.

If you cannot physically travel to an early state but would still like to help Team Pete, please check out other ways you can Take Action.

Thank you for your support! Now let's go win the era!

Here are some more details to help as you plan:

  • You’ve never knocked on doors before? No worries! You’ll get trained on how to knock doors when you get to the office. There are trainings held at the beginning of every shift. That’s why it’s important that you sign up and let us know you’re coming.
  • We recommend you drive to a state in your own car. That helps make sure we can send you to the most important neighborhood.
  • You can also find an office near you.

Please Note

As of this time, Pete for America can neither compensate volunteers nor cover travel and incidental expenses. However, there is still plenty of work to do, and we deeply appreciate your continued support and commitment to the campaign.

Thank you for all that you do for Pete!