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Before Pete Buttigieg creates a new American era, get to know the city that made him.

Pete in South Bend

A champion of small business.

If there is one thing the city of South Bend has shown, it’s that there is no such thing as an honest politics that revolves around the word “again.”

~ Marisel, professor and community leader
~ CFO, South Bend Community School Corp

I ran for mayor in 2011 knowing that nothing like Studebaker would ever come back—but believing that we would, our city would, if we had the courage to reimagine our future.

~ Michael, South Bend NAACP President
Pete at the South Bend office opening

Pete at the South Bend office opening.

More people are moving into South Bend than we’ve seen in a generation. Thousands of new jobs have been added in our area, and billions in investment.

~ Arielle, PFA Indiana State Director
~ Gregorio, Retired Air Force Veteran

The story of this South Bend’s story.

~ PFA South Bend field office opening
Pete announcement day

This is not a moment—it’s a movement.