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Pete’s Commitment to Transparency

Pete believes we need to bring honesty and transparency back into our politics. That’s why he’s taken steps to make his campaign the most transparent in the field. Here are the facts: 

  • Pete is the only candidate to release all of his tax returns since he completed his education - a standard that no other candidate in the race has been willing to meet. 
  • Pete’s campaign is powered by hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters across the country. He’s received over 2 million donations from over 800,000 individuals with an average donation of less than 40 dollars. 
  • In his commitment to transparency, Pete recently made public a list of individuals who have raised over $25,000 for the Pete for America campaign and is one of the only candidates in the field who has opened up his fundraisers to media. 
  • According to Forbes Magazine, Pete is the least wealthy candidate in the field.  He’s not a millionaire or a billionaire and he has committed to bringing transparency and responsibility back to the White House when elected. 

Q: Is Pete running a grassroots campaign?

Yes! We are proud to be running a grassroots campaign with organizers and volunteers across this country, powered by the financial support of more than 730,000 individuals. Our average contribution in the fourth quarter was $33 and 98% of contributions are less than $200. The only promise anyone donating to our campaign gets is that we will use the money to beat Donald Trump.

Q: What’s your campaign’s average donation?

Our campaign is proud to be supported by more than 730,000 donors from across the country with an average donation of  less than $40. In the fourth quarter, our average contribution was $33 and 98% of our donations over the course of the campaign are less than $200.

Q: What would Pete do to get money out of politics?

As President, Pete will enact critical campaign finance reforms to restore faith in our Democracy, including strengthening the FEC, creating a new small dollar donor matching program, and pushing to overturn Citizens United and Buckley v Valeo, if necessary by constitutional amendment. 

Pete made this commitment because he isn’t a part of broken status quo in Washington. He’s the mayor of a town that has seen corporate greed run roughshod over his community, and is running to change the system and move the center of gravity back to people’s lives.

Q: Does Pete accept money from federal lobbyists?

No. Our campaign does not accept contributions from registered federal lobbyists, corporate PACs or the fossil fuel industry. As President, Pete will champion critical campaign finance reforms to restore faith in our Democracy because dollars should never be allowed to drown out the will of the people.

Q: What type of work did Pete do at McKinsey?

After completing his higher education in 2007, Pete worked at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He held this job for roughly two and a half years, leaving in early 2010 to pursue his passion for public service. The bulk of Pete’s work at McKinsey was serving on client teams, providing mathematical analysis, conducting research, and preparing presentations. He never worked on a project inconsistent with his values, and if asked to do so, he would have left the firm rather than participate.

Q: Why didn’t Pete violate his non-disclosure agreement when his opponents called on him to?

Much of Pete’s work at McKinsey, including the names of clients served, was covered under a confidentiality agreement that he signed when he joined the firm. It was important to Pete - especially given the current president - that he keep his word and commitments, but it was also important to Pete that the American people have a full picture of his work history, given the importance of transparency for presidential candidates. That’s why earlier this year, the campaign asked McKinsey to release Pete from the confidentiality agreement in full. Only recently did McKinsey agree to release Pete from the NDA, at which point Pete swiftly released the full list of clients he worked with at the firm.

Pete is the only candidate to release all of his tax returns since he completed his education - a standard that no other candidate in the race has been willing to meet.