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Pete’s Plan to Support America’s Veterans and Military Families

The American military represents the best of who we are and what we can be. The women and men of our Armed Forces come from every corner of America and from all backgrounds. But what unites our service members is a shared commitment to support and defend the United States. Pete will honor the commitment of our service members, veterans, and their families and ensure that every veteran has the opportunity to lead on the home front.

Our veterans deserve a Commander in Chief who takes their lives seriously ~ Pete Buttigieg

Pete shaking hands with a marine

Get the Facts

During his first term as Mayor of South Bend, Pete took a leave of absence to deploy to Afghanistan. As a Lieutenant in the Navy, Pete served with Americans from every part of the country, of every ethnicity and faith. Here’s more on Pete’s service in the military and his commitment to honoring those who served:

  • Military service often leaves servicemembers and veterans with visible and invisible wounds. Pete has a plan to help heal the wounds of war and ensure all veterans have access to affordable, comprehensive health care.
  • Pete received Vote Vets’ first presidential primary endorsement in the organization’s history. Representing the largest progressive group of veterans in the country, the organization stated that Pete “has the most credibility and the most experience to lead our federal government. There’s nobody better to end the Afghanistan war than a person who fought in it.”
  • Pete will streamline access to medical care by creating a veteran-centric VA, guarantee access to mental health care and suicide prevention, and improve aging-in-place options so older veterans can get the care they need. 
  • Pete will support veterans in rural communities by improving rural health care, including by increasing the number of physicians and other health providers and investing in telehealth services to help communities in need.
  • Pete will rescind the transgender military ban, and honor the commitments of immigrants who serve in the Armed Forces by protecting immigrant service members from deportation and provide expedited and no-cost naturalization services to eligible Armed Forces members.
  • Pete will provide additional resources for child care in military communities and make it easier for military spouses to pause loan repayments and transition back to “civilian” life
  • Pete will support transition from active-duty by increasing loan opportunities and close the loophole that leads for-profit colleges to target service members and veterans

Learn more about Pete’s plan to support those in uniform and their families:

Pete received Vote Vets’ first-ever presidential primary endorsement:

There’s nobody better to end the Afghanistan war than a person who fought in it. ~ Vote Vets