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When we first launched, we used three bold and compelling typefaces. As the campaign has evolved, so too have our fonts. Our main typeface is Paratype’s Futura PT, which is available here from Adobe Fonts. You can also use other versions of Futura already included on your computer. Here are some guidelines, but choose the weight best for readability and accessibility.



Not all typefaces can boast being born of one of the most influential design movements, gracing the mastheads of iconic magazines and the cover of a Prince album, and landing on a plaque on the moon. But Futura PT can. Designed by Paul Renner in 1927, and based on visual elements of the Bauhaus design style, it was a distinct move away from 19th-century serif typefaces and helped usher in a new Modern age in design, it was considered emblematic of its Modern era and to this day remains a symbol of future-facing elegance. We’re using Futura PT from Paratype. It’s the perfect choice to #WinTheEra with.

Futura PT PT is available from Adobe Fonts:



We use Reenie Beanie very specifically in on our relational organizing site as almost a narrator voice to introduce features and functionality or give feedback and guidance. It’s to be used sparingly.

Reenie Beanie is available from Adobe Fonts

And Google Fonts